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Founded in 2017, Canlock purposely built products with cannabis preservation in mind. It’s at the core of what we do. Our team is on a mission to make Canlock the industry standard for quality and freshness.

We’re known for our vacuum-sealed glass stash jars. Learn more about Canlock here.

Canlock released a new line of designer stash jars.

Canlock Designer Stash Jars: Stylish Airtight Storage

Canlock is known for their sleek, see-through glass jars. But not everyone wants to show off their stash. For the cannoisseurs that want that extra level of discretion, they’ve developed a line of designer jars with eight new skins to keep your stash fresh and disguised.

Animal Print

We gave our first-ever animal print shrink-wrapped stash jar to Chanel West Coast, thanks to our friends at Cannabis Catered Events. See her reaction above.

Get the Stash (Animal Print)
Get the Stash+ (Animal Print)


Black on black, keepin’ it classy.

Get the Stash (Black)
Get the Stash+ (Black)


Get the Stash (Camo)
Get the Stash+ (Camo)

Carbon Fiber

This carbon fiber pattern was inspired by the strongest of stashes. No matter how fragrant your herb is, Canlock stash jars are smell proof.

Get the Stash (Carbon Fiber)
Get the Stash+ (Carbon Fiber)


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Get the Stash (Gold)
Get the Stash+ (Gold)

Jamaican Leaf

Breathe easy with this rasta-inspired cannabis leaf pattern.

Get the Stash (Jamaican Leaf)
Get the Stash+ (Jamaican Leaf)


Get the Stash (Rainbow)
Get the Stash+ (Rainbow)

Sky Blue

Brighten your day with a sky blue stash jar.

Get the Stash (Sky Blue)
Get the Stash+ (Sky Blue)

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