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This Fresh Feature explores an episode of Canna Cribs by Growers Network featuring Grow Sciences in Arizona.

Canlock Gets Some Love in Canna Cribs Episode feat. Grow Sciences 

Grow Sciences was recently featured in an episode of Canna Cribs. While everything they talked about was awesome, what we were thrilled about was the love that our Canlock jars got. Here we have highlighted that specific section and mashed it up with a small section of the Crowd Cast viewing party that Growers Network hosted after the episode premiered.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Gotta love that Canlock *pop*!

Canna Cribs + Grow Sciences Mashup by Canlock | Smell proof, Airtight, Glass Stash Jars

This is our special edit, combining the best of both of the clips that are embedded below. Since this video features cannabis pretty prominently, YouTube has age-restricted it, so please go ahead and watch it directly on YouTube!

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Featured In These Clips

Michael Cuthriell, CEO + Co-founder at Grow Sciences

Matthew Blum, COO + Co-founder at Grow Sciences

Nate Lipton, Co-Founder at Growers Network, Host at Canna Cribs

Nick Morin, CEO at Growers Network, Creator at Canna Cribs

Jason Sikorsky, Director at Canna Cribs

Ken Frate, Production Team at Canna Cribs

Umami Seed Co., Genetics

About Canna Cribs and Growers Network

“We create content to help cannabis and hemp growers elevate their craft.

Canna Cribs is a deep dive into some of the largest commercial cannabis grow operations in the world. Each episode we take you into the facility for never before seen footage. We start with genetics, and walk you through the lifecycle of the plant to propagation, vegetation, flowering, curing, trimming and even packaging. At the end of every episode, stay tuned to see us visit a local dispensary where we can buy the product, fully showcasing the seed to sale experience. After the crew visits the dispensary, we find a nice local spot to enjoy the product, a true farm to table experience!”

You can join the forum and learn more about growing at: http://www.growersnetwork.org

About Grow Sciences

‘Grow Sciences’ Produces Elite Craft Cannabis & Rosin Cartridges in Now Recreational State, Arizona Founded May 2017, and coming to market in 2019, Grow Sciences is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Grow Sciences is focused on cultivated elite genetics in a craft cannabis format to produce flower and extraction products that delight the consumer.

Grow Sciences on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/growsciences

Clip feat. Canlock Vacuum-sealed Packaging from Grow Sciences + Canna Cribs Episode Launch Party

Above is a clip from the launch party that Growers Network put together to celebrate the premiere of the Grow Sciences Canna Cribs episode. Since it doesn’t heavily feature cannabis, you’re able to view it right here.

Clip feat. Canlock Airtight, Smell Proof Packaging from Grow Sciences’ Canna Cribs Episode

Above is a clip from the Grow Sciences Canna Cribs episode. Since this video features cannabis pretty prominently, YouTube has age-restricted it, so please go ahead and watch this one directly on YouTube as well.

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