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Founded in 2017, Canlock purposely built products with cannabis preservation in mind. It’s at the core of what we do. Our team is on a mission to make Canlock the industry standard for quality and freshness.

We’re known for our vacuum-sealed glass stash jars. Learn more about Canlock here.

UPDATE: This piece was originally posted on December 9th, 2020 to announce Canlock’s finalist position in the ADCANN Awards. On January 12th, 2021, it was announced that Canlock came in 2nd place in the Best Packaging Design (American) category.


This Fresh Feature explores Canlock’s place as a finalist for Best Packaging Design in the 2020 ADCANN Awards.

Canlock Earns 2nd Place in Best Packaging Design | 2020 ADCANN Awards
Canlock is a Best Packaging Design Finalist in the 2020 ADCANN Awards

ADCANN is considered one of the best online resources for cannabis marketing. The ADCANN Awards are an annual celebration of the best in cannabis marketing and advertising.

They’re the only cannabis awards circuit that chooses people’s choice over judge’s decision. They recognize the brands and people that are changing the way we think about cannabis, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be 2nd Place in the American Category! one of the Top 5 Finalists in the American category.

Voting ended on December 31, 2020

There were over 400 nominations submitted, 266 first-round nominees, 80 finalists, and over 100,000 total votes placed!

Over 50,000 votes were submitted during the first round of voting which ran from November 2nd to November 30th, where we were up against 23 other different brands in the Best Packaging Design category.

Show your love for Canlock.

See all the Winners and Runners-up Here

About Canlock Stash Jars

STASH+ Capacity: up to 15 grams or 12 king-sized joints and blunts
STASH Capacity: up to 8 grams or 12 pre-roll joints
MINI Capacity: approximately 4 grams or 10-12 mini joints

Setting standards in cannabis consistency and freshness with preservation solutions built for consumers and enterprises.

SMELL PROOF: Twist-on lid with multiple threading creates an airtight seal
PROTECT: Keep harmful items from degrading your stash
DURABLE: 3mm thick, dishwasher safe Boro glass

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