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Founded in 2017, Canlock purposely built products with cannabis preservation in mind. It’s at the core of what we do. Our team is on a mission to make Canlock the industry standard for quality and freshness.

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Keep it fresh this Valentine’s Day with these pick up lines for your favorite stoners.

Fresh Pick Up Lines for Stoner Valentines

Trying to find the right words to win that canna-crush over, or just want to butter up your stoned sweetie? Keep it fresh with these pick up lines for your stoner valentine.


I want to breathe you in like a fresh eighth.

For the unexpected crush.

You sweep me off my feet like a fresh dab.

Crushin’ hard.

You’re fine like a fresh grind.

Weed be lying if we said no.

Do you believe in love at fresh sight?

Deliver this one with actual brownies and you’re golden.

You’re fresher than a batch of special brownies.

Bonus points for custom joints. 

Let’s make like a fresh bag of shake and roll.

Is it hot in here?

Your threads are as fresh as this flower I’m smokin’.

Tap that glass like you mean it.

You be lookin’ like a freshly packed bowl and I wanna hit it.

 Don’t worry, it’s just a weed cough.

Like a fresh hit, you take my breath away.

 Do you blaze on the first date?

The only thing sexier than a fresh stash is you.

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